Abstract Arabic Calligraphy Using Gold leaves

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Influenced by my Saudi and Pakistani roots, a versatile artist and Arabic calligraphist, I have a passionate interest in the art of the Islamic world. My work is a culmination of abstract, modernistic painting techniques and ancient arts of Islamic illumination arabesque patterns, calligraphy and sacred geometry. I love to work with mixed media and to do experiment with shapes and stencils.

I believe that the art of Arabic calligraphy is a lifelong learning, it is a journey where you don’t just learn how to write letters, but your study some different aspects of human experiences such as humility, patience, self-discipline, and adaab (manners). Every single calligrapher becomes a teacher because what you get, you give and when you have the experience you have to pass it on.

I won several art competitions and participated in various group exhibitions in UAE, Belgium and New York.



This experience will gather 10 people maximum and will last 2.30 hours. The workshop location takes place at a Hotel in Al Jadaf area close to Jamel Arts Centre.

Gold leafing - or more properly, gold-leaf gilding - is the process of layering very thin sheets of gold (or imitation gold) onto a specially prepared surface.

Gold was not just used in jewelry; it had a special place in the decorative arts, especially in calligraphy, one of the finest art forms in Islamic art world. It is more fun when we do it with abstract artwork.

Based on its ancient traditions, it is natural that the calligraphic tradition should hold relevance to abstract artists. From the beginning of abstraction, at least in the Western tradition, there have been two complementary, yet distinct tendencies that have repeatedly manifested in the work of many abstract artists. One tendency is toward the precise: geometric abstraction, grids, mathematical patterns, and so on. The other tendency is toward the free: impulsive marks, intuitive gestures, subconscious writing, biomorphic forms, etc.

We will experience it together and you will be able to create your own Canvas under my guidance.



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