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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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We produce authentic hand-reared, organically farmed, soil-grown superfood microgreens for the most discerning customers across the UAE.

My story began many years ago, through meticulous research, when I discovered the miraculous effect that nutrient-rich microgreens had on the health of a close relative. For the last 20+ years, I have been a pioneering microgreen evangelist, and I am dedicated to spreading the highest quality of produce available through New Leaf.

Harvested after about 2 weeks, still with the embryonic cotyledon leaves, authentic microgreens have up to 9 times more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols (plant compounds proven to help fight disease) than the same quantity of mature vegetables.

Microgreens are rich in assorted minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium and have been linked to lowering risk from heart disease, alzheimer's, diabetes and certain cancers.


Always wanted to visit a modern farm? Willing to know more about microgreens benefits for your health? Curious to taste them live? Ready to discover a green world in the desert? This experience is definitely for you.


This experience gathers 6 people maximum and the duration is 45mn. The session takes place in Dubai Investment Park next to EXPO 2020.

We will share with you my 20+ years’ experience in microgreens. We will walk you through our eco farm producing more than 50 varieties of nutrient-rich microgreens. Our core activity is linked to the fine UAE hotel and restaurant Chefs. We just started recently to connect with consumers.

You will experience how we grow our herbs in the middle of the desert thanks to an organic soil to deliver Michelin star quality cress. It all starts with the soil. Our uniquely balanced organic mix is top secret. Using multiple ingredients, it is blended on site. There are no pesticides, herbicides, chemical or synthetic fertilizers.

We plant with love. The conditions are key. Our process delivers up to 9 times more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols (disease busters) than the same quantity of mature vegetables. We use 95% less water due to our careful preparations and approach This is the result of more than 20 years of meticulous research.

It is all about a tastebud Explosion! Exciting times for your tongue as you experience the burst of all these incredible flavors. This is the healthiest condiment for your kitchen. You will taste 20 plus different microgreens and many will make you feel like you back in your childhood garden.

This experience is what UAE Chefs go through daily with us so you can have the chance to experience their life. Come and live our ‘La Vie en Rose’ mindset as our lights intensify the deep colors of the microgreens, from pink hues that mirror the warmth of the sun. We also turn the lights off to mimic the rhythms of nature.

We handle with care. Cutting before sunrise ensures maximum flavor for some varieties. Everything is hand cut with scissors to avoid any damage. Each technician is trained to ensure consistency, weight and quality.

Kids between 5 and 12 years old pay the same price as adults but they get a 50% voucher of the paid price to spend on the day of the visit.

After the visit, you will leave with some free samples to enjoy back home!

If you book for 6 people, you get a straight 10% discount on the overall amount.

Looking forward to connect and share my passion and expertise with you!



Cancellation policies

Cancellation policy: Flexible

• If the explorer cancels more than 2 day(s) before the start of the booking, he is refunded 100 % of the amount paid
• If the explorer cancels less than 2 day(s) before the start of the booking , he is refunded 90 % of the amount paid

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- 5 years old minimum age required for this experience.

- Please reserve this experience more than 48 Hours before the session starts for a smooth booking process.

- Workshop compliant with social distancing rules.


- 10 % on the price by session, from 6 participant(s)

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