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Jean P.


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"The scuba diver dives to look around, the freediver dives to look inside." (Umberto Pelizzari)

My name is Jean, Frenchman born in Switzerland travelling the world to discover the ocean and its depth.

I discovered freediving as a kid, when I lived in Conakry, Guinea. After freediving for 10 years in the U.A.E, I became a freediving instructor with SSI (Scuba Schools International).

Eager to discover more about freediving, I gathered experience all over the world, learning and exchanging with renowned Freedivers.

In addition to the above, in early 2021, I became First aid & CPR instructor (SSI React Right emergency responder program).

I am keen on sharing my passion and take you on a safe, fun and breath-taking adventure.



Meet Jean to challenge yourself and learn about your body secrets. Be amazed.

This experience will gather 5 people maximum and will last 4.00 hours. The location is close to Wafi Mall in AL JADDAF.

Ready to hold your breath under water for 2 minutes? You do not believe it? Come and try it because you are definitely able to make it during this experience!

Holding your breath is natural, contrary to popular belief. In apnea, you merge and become one with the aquatic environment through your diving reflex, literally like a dolphin.

Discover how your body is made to hold its breath, learn to concentrate, control your breathing and heart rate to enjoy freediving and perform, and approach everyday situations with a new mind.

The proposed activity is to discover the fundamentals of breath hold.

After this course, you will be able to hold your breath for 2 minutes or swim 25m under water on a single breath.

Program and duration of your ‘Big Blue’ discovery experience:

- Theory: 2 hours.
We will talk about the freediving equipment, cover and explain your body's physiology during apnea, the breathing techniques and safety aspects.

- Pool session: 2 hours.
Static and dynamic apnea practice. Safety and rescue procedures in shallow water.

After this first experience, it is possible to continue your career as a free diver with more advanced courses and levels.

Looking forward to meeting you and starting your freediving path.



Cancellation policies

Cancellation policy: Flexible

• If the explorer cancels more than 2 day(s) before the start of the booking, he is refunded 100 % of the amount paid
• If the explorer cancels less than 2 day(s) before the start of the booking , he is refunded 90 % of the amount paid

Rules and conditions

- 2 is the minimum number of participants.

- There is no particular physical condition for apnea, except to be comfortable in the water and able to swim 100m unaided.

- The minimum age is 16, or 12 if accompanied by a parent or adult.

- The minimum equipment is your own diving mask and snorkel. Fins and weight belt are not mandatory and can be borrowed upon availability.


- 10 % on the price by session, from 4 participant(s)

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Total duration of the activity: 4h 00m


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