The Royal Camel Race Experience!

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"Do what you enjoy doing."

Certified Emirati tour guide, born and raised in Dubai, passionate to share information about my country and culture with people from all around the world.



A unique amazing session to connect with the local culture! Perfect for a family escape with kids.

This experience will gather 10 people maximum and will last 2:30 hours. The location is on Dubai-Al Ain Road, 30mn drive from Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Are you ready to live a memorable Experience with your friends and family?

During this journey, you will be welcomed and guided by an Emirati certified tour guide. The Experience will start by visiting the heritage tent where you will get a chance to try camel milk, coffee or ice cream. You will be given very interesting facts and information about camels.

After leaving the tent you will have “Camel Feeding”. “Camel Riding” and “Buggy Riding” activities are included but optional.

After all the above, the real and main experience will start! All guests will be preparing for the camel race. Each guest will select a camel number. Instructions will be given on how to use the real jockey control device. When everything is set and everyone is ready the real race will start between the camels of our guests! At the end of the race the winner will be announced!

After the race, guests will be seated in the VIP seating area and will be served “The Camel Meal*” along with a drink! (*vegetarian option is available).

At the end, the group will take a mini-tour in the retail area to see interesting products made from camels. Guests can buy the products if they wish and we will end the Experience by having a group photo that will be shared with all the participants to keep this Experience always memorable!

The location details will be shared with you once the booking is done. The Experience will take place at Camelicious on Dubai-Al Ain Road. Once you enter from the main gate by car, take the first left. You will see a building in front of you, please park your car and enter the building.

When you book for a kid (from 6 to under 12 years old), the 2nd one is free of charge. Kids below 6 are free. Just let us know in the messaging box when you check out. As an example, if 2 adults and 2 kids are coming, book for 3 people only as the 2nd kid is free of charge. Please note that there will be 3 remote controls for a family of 4. The free kid seat does not include the remote control as a jockey.

Options and extras

Camel Burger

The Camel Burger Tasting Experience is already 100% included in your price. Please confirm the number of people willing to try it. A vegetarian option will be prepared for the other guests. As an example, if you are 3, please add 2 here if 2 people goes for the burger.


per person



Cancellation policies

Cancellation policy: Flexible

• If the explorer cancels more than 2 day(s) before the start of the booking, he is refunded 100 % of the amount paid
• If the explorer cancels less than 2 day(s) before the start of the booking , he is refunded 90 % of the amount paid

Rules and conditions

- Guests need to be at the meeting point by 3:30pm latest so they do not to miss any part of the experience.

- No outside food or beverage is allowed.

- Guest cannot feed camels any food other than what is provided by us.

- “Camel and Buggy riding experiences” are optional. Guests who like to take part in these experiences should sign a consent. Our team and the Royal Camel Racing Club will not be responsible for any accidents.

- Guests must listen to instructions carefully in regards to the jockey device control. Wrong use or starting before the race time may cause injuries.

- Guests must wear masks all the time except when having a meal.

- Guests must keep a safe distance.

- All guests must carry an identity card.

- Kids under 6 years get in for free (identity with a date of birth prove might be required).

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Total duration of the activity: 2h 30m


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