Valentina A.

Livin in: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About me

I am a visual artist and teacher who love experimenting and working with a variety of mediums.

I often paint dolls and creates abstract mixed media art. I exhibited my artwork across the UAE. From 2017, I created signature art workshops and taught them to kids and adults in Dubai.

I was the main art teacher at World Art Dubai in 2019 and 2020, taught at Sikka Fair, Bluewaters Music Festival, galleries, organizations and almost all art schools in Dubai.

My workshops attract beginners as well as established artists. My aim is to inspire people to heighten their intuition by opening up to feel and absorb creative thoughts through their imagination.

I was born in Moscow in Russia and lived in Dubai since 1999.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Member since 07/11/2020

Language spoken : Russian

Mothertongue : English

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