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I am Alix! I am the co-founder of Maison Duffour, a gourmet food store created in Dubai in 2016. It's all about a French family business as the other co-founder, Rodolphe Duffour, is my husband.

Food has always been a topic close to our hearts. We are both from big families and we have fond memories of long tables full of incredible homemade dishes. Sharing a meal meant spending time together, discussing topics of the day as a family and enjoying the food on the table. These moments left an everlasting impression on both of us.

In parallel, the idea to build a company together was always here. The opportunity came with our first UAE experience. Back in 2014, upon arriving in Dubai, while Rodolphe was working for a B2B food import company, he noticed that good quality and tasty products were being imported to the UAE but were never sold directly to the final consumer.

Given my e-commerce background and the endless opportunities of being online, we decided to build our very own online gourmet food store, with the ambition to deliver every home in the UAE with real food with real taste, every day of the week, and be a step ahead of the online food market.

You can now find more than 1,000 products on our website. Maison Duffour has a wide range of products sourced both in Europe and locally: free range poultry, fresh bread, buttery croissants, Normandie oysters, handmade sausages, spices and sauces, certified salmon, organic fruit and veggies etc. Our selection is totally curated and unique in the UAE. You can now also visit our warehouse in Al Quoz Dubai where you can collect and shop your favorite products!


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Frederic L.

Nice experience. The food was amazing and the founders were very dedicated

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Alix & Rodolphe D.

Frederic is a super nice guest ! He made everyone feel at ease and we had an amazing evening. Thanks for coming !

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