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Hi there, my name is Bassam, a Lebanese dude born and raised in UAE since 1981. Yes, I have seen UAE from what it was before and what it is now. So much to talk about honestly and much more about its streets, traditions, food, art, agriculture and so on.

UAE is well known from the 80’s with its love to luxury and cars. Surely living between this love you will fall in love with it too. So my brother and myself worked so hard over the years to achieve our dream and that dream is to own our sport cars. And guess what, we did it!

My brother Issam; the other owner of a Lotus and myself came with the idea of The Lotus Experience as we thought of why not giving the same life experience we had when we were young to our lovely visitors, families and tourists. Thus the idea came into handy and now we are welcoming you onboard with our unique journey.

We shall do our upmost best to tour you in Dubai with a unique style, rather than just going by taxi. Our experience will be much more fun as both my brother and myself are highly educated entertainers, meaning we talk a lot about everything and that’s the fun part of it.

Yallaaa... See you soon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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