Who are we?

Octoos is…

A digital platform aiming to connect local Talents with Explorers to live unique experiences.

Octoos offers an array of experiences for an Explorer to feel the genuine essence of the city. An enriching journey filled with priceless and peerless emotions, taking Explorers to partake local Talents lives.


At Octoos we believe…

…that exploring a city is not to be summed up to a “must-see” list of famous landmarks.  It goes far beyond this.

…that travelers and curious residents are more and more interested in discovering a city’s culture through locals’ eyes.

…that everyone has a talent, everyone has a story to tell. Our Talents are passionate people who are willing to share what truly makes them feel alive. You have a passion, a skill, a know-how? Join us.


Octoos mission is… to bring hidden talents up letting people fully express themselves.


Why Octoos and the Octopus?

The octopus is a perfect illustration of Octoos philosophy.

Smart, friendly, the octopus has many tentacles like the many strings each one of us has on our bow. It is time for everyone to make the most of these strings, let them blossom and embrace the variety of cultures human race has to offer.


Octoos Founder

Sébastien has been lucky enough to visit more than 60+ countries and an impressive array of iconic world monuments. His most vivid memories though are his encounters with people: “On every trip without fail, I engaged with locals all around the world. Traditions, habits and customs, stories: I discovered plenty! Each time, these precious human interactions made me want to go further.”

It then became a requisite to Sébastien when travelling: meeting people, communicating, exchanging. Because everyone has a hidden talent, because everyone can bring something special to someone else, Sébastien had the idea to connect people: to connect local talents and explorers for everyone to share and live a one-of-a-kind experience. Octoos was born.

Sometimes you meet people who will change your life for the better! It is time to meet, exchange, share and thrive on our talents.

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