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I am a husband in love and the father of three wonderful daughters. Apart from spending time with my family, there are two things I love above all.

I love helping people take a step back. I love the magic that happens when we take time for ourselves... pause... and reflect on what truly matters to us. Taking a step back enables us to re-energize and re-align. Taking a step back is the first step of any evolution in life. It is the first step towards sustainable fulfillment. I believe so much in the value of taking a step back that I called my company "a step back".

The other thing I love is being in wild nature. Nature grounds me as much as it energizes me. Nature is where I find the deepest peace, and the greatest excitement. Wadis and deserts inspire me. To the point that I go camping once a week, often alone, to reconnect with myself and our environment.

So it is only natural that the experience we crafted specifically for the Octoos community combines these two things I love. And as a coach, I believe that this approach will help people reconnect with themselves... and build the life they love.

In my previous life, I lived in Asia for 15 years and developed an expertise in digital transformation, digital strategy and omnichannel retail. Over time, I grew a passion for purpose-led transformations. In 2019, I decided to dedicate my time to help organizations in their sustainable development and individuals in their personal development.

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